KDDI to compensate affected users for disruptions

KDDI通信障害で補償の方針 数百万人規模に

NHK -- Jul 23
Major Japanese mobile carrier KDDI has decided to pay compensation to millions of users affected by nationwide network disruptions earlier this month. It took 86 hours to fully restore services.

KDDI is known for its "au" brand. It set up a special team to investigate the cause and scale of the disruption. It found that millions of customers were completely unable to make voice calls or connect to data networks for many hours.

The company has decided to compensate them a certain amount of money.

KDDI's service contract states that in case of voice and data communications services being completely unavailable for 24 hours or more, the company will calculate fees for the period of the disruption and refund subscribers.

KDDI says more than 39 million users may have been affected. ...continue reading

Jul 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 補償は数百万人に上る可能性があります。  今月2日に発生した大規模な通信障害について、KDDIは24時間以上、全く通信ができない状態が続いた利用者に補償する方針を固めました。  ...continue reading

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