Osaka court fines man for putting 2-month-old son in freezer

「ひとりの人間であることを無視」生後2カ月の息子を冷凍庫に閉じ込めた父親に罰金30万円 大阪地裁

Kyodo -- Jul 26
The Osaka District Court on Monday fined a man 300,000 yen ($2,200) for briefly putting his 2-month-old son in the freezer compartment of a fridge in a hotel guest room in April last year.

Tatsuji Nishioka, 43, who was convicted of assault, admitted he put the boy in the fridge freezer in his guest room in the southwestern city of Fukuoka, but said it was "only for a short duration to take pictures," insisting his actions should not be viewed as a crime.

According to the ruling, Nishioka put the boy, his second son, in the freezer in the hotel room in mid-April last year. The prosecutors said the freezer operated at minus 18 C and that the child was only wrapped only in a baby blanket. ...continue reading

Jul 26 (関西テレビNEWS) - 生後2カ月の息子を冷凍庫などに閉じ込めたとされる父親の裁判で、大阪地方裁判所は、罰金30万円の有罪判決を言い渡しました。  ...continue reading

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