Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike

最低賃金上げ、30円台前半 厚労省審議会で協議

Kyodo -- Aug 01
A Japanese government panel is expected to propose raising the average minimum wage for fiscal 2022 by a record 30 yen or more from 930 yen ($7) an hour, sources familiar with the plan said Monday, as the country battles accelerating inflation.

The focal point of discussion at the panel is how much the recent rise in inflation should be taken into account, with representatives from labor and management failing to reach an agreement at the previous round of discussions late July.

The labor side is calling for a big increase in minimum pay as the cost of living is rising while the management side, which is struggling with surging costs, has stressed the need for careful consideration. ...continue reading

Aug 01 () - 2022年度最低賃金(最賃)の引き上げ額を巡り、中央最低賃金審議会(厚生労働相の諮問機関)の小委員会が1日午後、東京都内で開かれた。  ...continue reading

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