Experts urge changes to Japan's COVID policy


NHK -- Aug 02
A rapid surge in new cases of coronavirus infections is piling pressure on medical facilities and workers. Experts are calling for policy changes to help reduce this burden.

The Tokyo Fire Department says nearly 700 people with the virus were transported to hospitals by ambulance during the week through Sunday.

This comes at a time when many people are also being taken to hospital with heatstroke symptoms.

Ambulance crews are struggling to find medical facilities that will accept patients.

Government's advisory panel chief Omi Shigeru said, "Japan is facing a large-scale surge in infections. The strain on the medical system could become even more serious.

A group of experts has compiled a set of proposals to make it easier for facilities to handle this surge in cases.

One measure calls for anti-virus measures that can be taken at ordinary institutions. Right now, only a limited number of facilities is allowed to treat COVID inpatients.

The experts also say public health centers should only track cases of patients at risk of developing severe symptoms, instead of every positive case.

Authorities reported more than 210,000 new cases across Japan on Tuesday, along with 143 deaths.

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