Toyota unit Hino has falsified engine data for nearly 20 years

Nikkei -- Aug 03
Japanese truck maker Hino Motors, a unit of Toyota Motor, said on Tuesday that it has been falsifying data related to engine emissions and fuel performance for a longer period of time and on more models than previously admitted, making it more difficult for the company to rebuild its management and restore credibility.

The company has made public a report by a special investigative committee composed of outside lawyers who found additional instances of fraud.

Satoshi Ogiso, Hino's president, apologized for failing to see the cheating over the years. "I would like to consider taking strict action regarding our responsibility to management, including myself, and to past management," he said.

The truck maker announced in March that four engine types tested since late 2016 -- and eight truck and bus models equipped with those engines -- had irregularities in their claimed emissions and fuel efficiency.

The report concluded that at least one of the emission-related frauds dated back to October 2003 when new emission regulations took effect. The number of vehicles that will be recalled is likely to increase from the original 47,000 to 67,000. ...continue reading

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