Hayao Miyazaki produces animated commercial for Ghibli Park

soranews24.com -- Aug 03
We’re less than three months away from the opening of Ghibli Park, the Studio Ghibli theme park being built in Aichi Prefecture just outside Nagoya.

Like with the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, admission to Ghibli Park is by reserved, pre-purchase tickets only, and the park has released an animated reminder video produced by none other than anime director extraordinaire Hayao Miyazaki.

Coming in from the right edge of the frame is what at first appears to be My Neighbor Totoro’s Catbus, but it turns out this is actually a Cattrain, carrying a number of the cast members from the Studio Ghibli filmography. Up front is Totoro himself, accompanied by a mid-size blue Totoro and Mei, while the second segment of the train’s passengers include No Face and the Radish Sprit from Spirited Away.

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