Blackjack Variants and How to Play -- Aug 02
Here are some of the best online blackjack games to play on gambling sites.

Some casino sites offer the best blackjack variants, such as European blackjack, with plenty of deposit options where you can deposit using credit cards. You get to play games with live dealer blackjack on sites like Ignition USA.

Spanish 21

For Spanish 21, we use a 48-card deck. All four 10s are removed from the standard deck. Now, any online blackjack player will tell you that a 10 is important to hit the blackjack or even make a good hand. However, the removal of 10s is replaced with relaxed rules.

For example, if you and the dealer both have a 21 (blackjack), you will be the winner. After doubling, splitting, or hitting, you can surrender, unlike the classic online blackjack. Moreover, a few combinations like seven-card 21 get a special bonus, such as a match bonus.

Blackjack Switch

Getting to play an online blackjack game would be easier if you and the other players on the casino game table could exchange a few cards and make the best possible hand. Of course, this move is considered cheating at a regular online blackjack games table. But you could actually switch your cards between two hands. Meaning, you can make the best hand by changing cards in online blackjack Switch.

Free Bet Blackjack

The genius who came up with the idea of blackjack Switch also invented the Free Bet Blackjack. Thanks to Geoff Hall, Free Bet Blackjack can be played online as well as offline casinos. In this online blackjack variant, the dealer actually pays you if you split your pairs and match your double downs. This online blackjack can be played with single, double, six, or eight decks. The most common version is played with six decks.

How to play

The highlights blackjack are the free doubles and splits. If you hold hard sums of 9, 10, or 11, your original bet will be matched by a free bet token. You can then take a drawcard to add to your hand. Here, if you win, you get paid an amount equal to your original bet and some surplus amount. If this hand pushes, you get your original bet back. However, if your hand loses to the dealer's hand, you only lose your original wager.

Meanwhile, Free Splits is where the pair in your hand is split. The original bet goes with the first hand, and the free bet token goes with the second one. While playing, you can re-split or double down on either hand. And each of the moves is granted a free bet token. Each time your hand wines, you can cash out a free bet token with casino chips. On the flip side, if you lose, you also lose the free bet.

Stadium Blackjack

Stadium blackjack is a whole new take on the traditional blackjack. In a stadium-like arrangement, there are about 44 electronic terminals for gamblers. You are supposed to make a bet on your terminals. All the players receive an identical hand at the start of the game. The dealer's face up-card is placed. It is one of the best blackjack variations one can play.

How it is played

When the game starts, the gamblers receive different cards to complete their hands. Even the dealer's hand does not remain the same anymore. This is how the outcomes are unpredictable, and each hand comes out differently. The stadium rules may vary from blackjack casinos to casinos.

Live casino

Other than this, the live dealer online blackjack is available at most of the online blackjack casinos today. You get to play online blackjack against a live dealer blackjack for a more lively and immersive experience. You can play real money online blackjack games at a variety of online casinos.

These casinos also have other card games, video slots, pokies, and much more. All you have to do is sign up, make a min deposit at an online casino and play blackjack online.

Final thoughts

Always keep in mind that casino games are heavily dependent upon luck. Chance plays a crucial role. But with the right strategies, you might push your luck a little. Playing blackjack online for real money is all about finding the tables, strategizing, and making the right move. Do your homework and develop your cheat sheet!

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