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Heatwave continues to grip western, eastern Japan


NHK -- Aug 03
The ongoing heatwave is gripping wide areas of western through eastern Japan on Wednesday, with the mercury reaching 39 degrees Celsius in some cities near Tokyo. Officials are urging people to take full precautions against heatstroke.

The Meteorological Agency said scorching heat had hit western through eastern Japan.

As of 1:30 p.m., temperatures had reached 39 degrees in the city of Koshigaya in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo, 38.9 degrees in the central Japanese city of Kuwana in Mie Prefecture and 36.1 degrees in central Tokyo.

Heatstroke alerts have been issued for areas from the Okinawa region in the south through the Kanto-Koshin region in eastern Japan.

An increasing number of people are being rushed to hospital with suspected heatstroke.

Authorities are advising people to refrain from unnecessary outings and exercising during the day. They are also urging people to use air conditioners as needed and to stay hydrated.

Officials are warning that senior citizens tend to be less sensitive to heat, making them susceptible to heatstroke. Family members and other people in the community are encouraged to advise them to use air conditioners properly.

Aug 03 (ANNnewsCH) - 2日も、山梨の甲府や、埼玉の越谷で39.5℃を記録するなど、危険な暑さとなった日本列島。  ...continue reading

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