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Sustained rains in Japan leave damage, landslide risks

Kyodo -- Aug 06
Torrential rains have continued to fall across a wide part of Japan on Friday, with record downpours reported in Fukui and Shiga prefectures as rivers have overflowed and many areas are left at increased risk of landslides.

Fifty-two rivers across nine prefectures had broken their banks as of 5 p.m. amid three days of sustained heavy rainfall, the government said. It also said 22 landslides had occurred in six prefectures in the same period.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is warning residents to be vigilant against further heavy rains into Saturday amid unstable atmospheric conditions sweeping the country from the west to the east.

In response to the damage caused by the downpours, local governments and other authorities are rushing to support residents in places where lifelines including water have been cut.

The weather agency said it recorded 405.5 milliliters of rainfall in the Fukui Prefecture town of Minamiechizen during the 24-hour period ending Friday morning -- 2.2 times its August average. Parts of Shiga and Shimane prefectures also saw record hourly precipitation. ...continue reading

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