Use these tips to find the best betting sites in Japan -- Aug 08
Japan is one of the most mysterious countries for a couple of reasons. This place is known for all sorts of things, and it seems like online betting is becoming more popular yearly.

Despite the strict gambling laws, when choosing one of the betting sites in Japan, you will come across a variety of sites that are available in the country., Hence, you need to know what to look for if you want to use the ultimate iGaming company.

Finding a betting site in Japan that will live up to your expectations is not as easy as it seems. Even experienced online bettors often have problems because some of the top-tier bookmakers in other parts of the world are not available yet.

Fortunately, this step-by-step guide will include the information you need to find the best Japanese online betting operator.

Check whether you can access the betting site you want without the need for a VPN or a mirror link

One of the problems people in Japan and other countries have to go through when betting is accessing the site they like. The strict gambling laws and the fact that Japan is located on the other side of the globe mean that many of the top-tier sites are hard to access. Consequently, many people have to use mirror links or VPNs.

Even though those things are not that difficult to use, some online bettors in Japan do not like them. Needless to say, everyone wants to be able to access a given online bookmaker or casino simply by opening their browser. If you fall into this category, make sure you choose some of the online betting operators that will allow you to do that.

Look for a site that will let you punt on the local popular sports and leagues

Even though some Japanese online bettors will be more interested in online casinos, others will prefer to wager on sports. If you fall into this category, find a company that will allow you to punt on all the popular sports.

Aside from football, Japan is well-known for options like sumo and loads of martial arts. Even though most iGaming companies do not offer those things to their users, this is not the case regarding the sites available in Japan. By choosing one of the best betting sites in Japan, you guarantee yourself that it will give you access to those options.

Preferably, you should find a place that offers mobile betting

Although some online bettors in Japan will use computers to bet online, most people won’t have other options than to bet on the go. As you know, the Japanese are notorious for their work ethic and the fact that they work many hours a week. Not everyone has access to a computer, so the smartphone is the only thing that will allow them to access the site they like.

Some of the betting companies in Japan know that mobile betting is important for locals. That’s the reason why they invest in applications for Android and iOS. Google’s OS is more popular than Apple’s, but both have loads of users. 

The process of getting an app for your handheld device differs depending on your platform. Some operators require people to go to the App Store and Google Play, whereas others only offer apk files.

Aside from the bookies and casinos with an app, some places that offer online betting services in Japan only have a mobile website. The latter is not that popular among some punters, but others prefer it because they do not need to worry about things like downloading and installing an app, updates, system requirements, storage space, and more.


Despite the fact that online betting is not technically legal in Japan, many people in the country punt daily. Online bookmakers and casinos have found a way to offer their services in this region of the world. Naturally, some of them also provide exclusive bonuses and special options.

If you decide to give this hobby a chance and reside in Japan, make sure you choose a bookie that is worth it. Even if the operator is available in your country, it is probably a good idea to use a VPN if you want to stay out of trouble.

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