Japan population falls by record 726,342 to 125.93 mil. in 2021 amid COVID

日本人 人口1億2322万3561人 13年連続で減少で“過去最大の減少数” 東京圏に住む日本人は初めて減少に転じる

Kyodo -- Aug 10
Japan's population declined to 125.93 million as of Jan. 1, down by 726,342 in its biggest drop since comparable data became available in 2013, as deaths again outnumbered births and COVID-19 border restrictions kept foreign resident numbers low, government data showed Tuesday.

The population came to 125,927,902, including resident foreigners, down 0.57 percent from the previous year, according to data released by the internal affairs ministry. The figure was also the largest fall by percentage.

The number of Japanese decreased by 619,140 to 123,223,561 for the 13th straight year of decline, with deaths at an all-time high of around 1.44 million and births at a record low of around 810,000.

Resident foreigners fell 107,202 to 2,704,341, marking a drop for the second consecutive year due to tighter border controls amid the coronavirus pandemic. ...continue reading

Aug 10 (TBS NEWS) - 今年1月1日時点の国内に住む日本人は1億2322万人あまりとなり、13年連続で減少しました。去年よりおよそ62万人減っていて調査開始以来、最大の減少です。  ...continue reading

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