Why Japanese Wives Hate Foreign Husbands

Paolo fromTOKYO -- Aug 21
These are examples of why a Japanese Wife may start hating their foreign husband.

As many of you know, I’ve been married to my Japanese wife Maiko, for over 3.5 years now in Japan. During this time I’ve learned first hand quite a bit about what Japanese women culturally expect when living with a Foreign Husband, like me from the United States, so I wanted to share some hopefully useful points. And to be fair, today’s examples of cultural issues are not just from Maiko and I, some points I learned from my married foreign male friends with Japanese wives or my Japanese wife friends with their foreign husbands over many years living in Japan. This is a list of cultural relationship issues, that without compromise, have created many fights, ongoing arguments, resentment, and even hate leading some married couples into divorce. Like many lists like this though, these are generalizations and not every single Japanese woman or foreign man is like this but if you are planning to get married here in Japan these are some things to be aware of so you don’t end up hating your partner. Also, this list can be applied if you’re foreign female with a Japanese husband.

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