Brad Pitt hops on the bullet train to Kyoto, gets teary at a temple, and receives a Pasmo card in Japan -- Aug 24
A whirlwind ride to promote the movie in the land where it all started.

Ever since we first saw the trailer for Bullet Train back in March, we’ve been wondering if the cast would be able to visit Japan, the land of the bullet train, during its promotional tour.

Well, we finally got our answer yesterday, when the star of the movie, Brad Pitt, appeared in Tokyo alongside director David Leitch, producer Kelly McCormick and co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

To kick off their time in Japan, Pitt and his companions stopped by Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, where they attended a “yakuyoke“, a traditional ceremony to ward off bad luck, or as the Twitter account for the Bullet Train movie describes it: a traditional Bad Luck Cleansing Ritual. ...continue reading

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