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‘Chope-ing’ culture in spotlight after TikToker makes ‘only in Japan’ claim

todayonline.com -- Aug 25
In Japan, you can leave your phone or another personal item on the table to save a seat in the food court, according to a Japanese TikToker.

In Matcha Samurai’s video, he roams around a food court pointing to personal belongings – shopping bags, a water bottle, an umbrella – used to reserve a seat. It’s not clear which city he is in.

“Only in Japan,” the 24-year-old TikToker says, shaking his head in amazement.

Singaporeans in the comments section were quick to refute the TikToker’s claim, clarifying that the act of “chope-ing” is very much ingrained in Singapore’s hawker and food court culture as well.

The TikTok video posted on August 22 received close to 40,000 likes and about 1,200 comments in two days, generating much discussion over the culture of “chope-ing”. ...continue reading

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