Kura Sushi chain to raise prices as costs climb

牛肉もウニも…中国に買い負けも くら寿司「100円ずし」終了へ

NHK -- Sep 08
Kura Sushi is joining rival conveyor-belt sushi chains in raising prices. The Osaka-based company says it will charge more for its cheapest plates from next month to reflect the soaring cost of fish.

The restaurant operator on Wednesday said the lowest price for a serving will jump by almost five percent at stores nationwide. The increase is the first since 1977 that didn't coincide with higher consumption tax.

Kura Sushi President Tanaka Kunihiko says the chain wouldn't be able to survive surging costs through streamlining efforts alone. He added that it is essential to revise prices to continue to provide safe and delicious sushi.

The company says it will cut some high-end sushi plates' prices to keep customers. It says the costs of that reduction will be covered by streamlining management.

Sushiro, another big chain, decided to raise prices for its cheapest plate by about 10 percent starting next month.

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Sep 08 (ANNnewsCH) - 7日も円安が加速して一時、1ドル=144円台まで下落しました。こうした円安や原材料価格などの高騰で、回転ずしチェーンのくら寿司では10月から「100円ずし」がなくなることになりました。  ...continue reading

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