Japanese language school forced to stop accepting students over abuse

NHK -- Sep 08

A Japanese language school in Fukuoka City, southwestern Japan, has been forced to effectively stop accepting students following an act of human rights abuse.

The Immigration Services Agency removed Nishinihon International Education Institute from its list of approved Japanese language schools for foreign learners. This is the first time the agency has taken the measure since it laid out the standards for removal in 2016.

The agency said an official of the school chained himself to a Vietnamese student in his 20s in the teachers' room for several hours in October. It added that the student was kept under surveillance by officials the day after.

The agency said that at the time, the student and the institution had been having problems regarding the student's transfer of schools.

The school reportedly admitted to the incident. It told the agency that the official had acted on his own accord, and said he had meant it as a prank.

The agency said about 600 foreign nationals are studying at the school. It said it will instruct the institution to help the students transfer to other schools.

Sep 08 (ANNnewsCH) - 福岡市の日本語学校が、外国人留学生を鎖などで拘束する人権侵害を行なったなどとして、出入国在留管理庁は学校に、留学生の新規受け入れを停止する処分を下しました。  ...continue reading