6 teens nabbed over "papakatsu" robbery in Tokyo


Kyodo -- Sep 09
Police said Thursday they have arrested six teenagers on suspicion of robbing a 30-year-old man in Tokyo in a case known in Japan as "papakatsu," whereby a man gives money to a young girl in exchange for a date.

The group of five boys and a girl, aged between 16 and 19, allegedly stole the man's car worth 1 million yen ($6,900) and forced him to buy earphones and clothes in exchange for not exposing him to the police.

The Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating whether the group also extorted over a million yen in cash. ...continue reading

Sep 09 (ANNnewsCH) - デートなどの見返りに金銭を受け取る「パパ活」で誘い出した男性から車などを奪ったとして16歳の女子高校生や19歳の男ら6人が逮捕されました。6人は「パパ活狩り」と称していたということです。  ...continue reading

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