Japan’s oldest man dies in Nara at 112

男性最高齢112歳の上田幹蔵さん死去 マザーテレサと同じ1910年生まれ 奈良

janamtv.com -- Sep 14
Mikizo Ueda, who was the oldest Japanese man, died at the age of 112 in the city of Nara recently, the local government said Tuesday.

The supercentenarian resident of Nara was born in May 1910. Following Ueda’s passing away on Sept. 9, the health ministry is set to announce the current oldest living man in the country this week.

Kane Tanaka, a 119-year-old Japanese woman recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living person, died on April 19 this year in Fukuoka Prefecture. With her death, the oldest living person in Japan is now Fusa Tatsumi, a 115-year-old woman living in Osaka Prefecture. ...continue reading

Sep 14 (読売テレビニュース) - 奈良市に住む男性で全国最高齢の上田幹蔵さんが9月9日、112歳で亡くなっていたことがわかりました。暮らしていた介護老人施設で、よく好きな歌を披露していました。長生きの秘けつについて「自然と長生きになっただけ」と語っていました。

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