Google turns to potato chips to promote Pixel 7 phones in Japan

The Star -- Sep 14
Alphabet Inc’s Google is bringing back its Original Chips snack in Japan, offering flavoured potato chips branded with the company’s name to promote its upcoming smartphone release.

Google launched the first version of the campaign last year to publicise its Tensor processor – the first of its kind designed in-house and the product of four years of development.

The snacks were an immediate hit, and this year’s reprise offers 2,000 people the chance to grab a bag via a lottery. A choice of Snow Cheese, Hazel Onion, Salty Lemon or Obsidian Pepper flavours mirrors the colour options of the Pixel 7 devices.

Google seeks to showcase some of the potential of the world’s most popular mobile operating system through the flagship Android handsets, powered by the company’s second generation of Tensor chips.

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