Japan's Emperor, Empress attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral

NHK -- Sep 19
Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako have attended the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II.

The Imperial couple left their hotel on Monday morning. They waved to onlookers before riding a car. They changed vehicles to a bus prepared to transport foreign dignitaries to Westminster Abbey, where the funeral took place.

The state funeral began at around 11 a.m., local time, with about 2,000 attendees. The Queen's coffin had been transferred, accompanied by King Charles, to the abbey from Westminster Hall, where it was lying in state.

The attendees observed two minutes of silence and paid their final respects to the Queen. The funeral lasted for about an hour.

Emperor Naruhito met with the Queen personally when he studied at Oxford University in the 1980s. His aides say he has fond memories of spending time with the Queen, such as being invited to a picnic. The Emperor expressed his deep gratitude for her kindness upon hearing of her death.

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