Japan space center damaged by Typhoon Nanmadol

Tanegashima, Sep 20 (itechpost.com) - Typhoon Nanmadol stormed through Japan over the weekend and moved into the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, after taking the lives of four people, injuring dozens, starting landslides, and dumping up to two feet of rain in just 24 hours. It also did not spare a space center on Tanegashima island.

According to ABC News, Japanese authorities were assessing damage made by Typhoon Nanmadol to a wall at a Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency's space center. The Economy and Industry Ministry said that they were examining the extent of damage Typhoon Nanmadol made to one building that was being used to build and assemble rockets.

Despite having left Japan, Typhoon Nanmadol has left destruction in its wake. According to DW, the storm made landfall in Japan's main southern island of Kyushu on Sunday night and severely injured 14 of at least 114 people who sustained other injuries. ...continue reading