Man arrested on charges of carrying gunpowder near US Embassy in Tokyo

米大使館前で“手製火薬”所持 26歳大学生の男逮捕

TOKYO, Sep 21 (NHK) - A college student has been arrested on charges of carrying gunpowder near the US Embassy in Tokyo. He reportedly said he planned to throw it into the facility.

The 26-year-old suspect Koyama Shogo lives in the western prefecture of Osaka.

Tokyo police say he is suspected of possessing a cup containing about 160 grams of gunpowder on a street near the embassy on the night of August 8.

Sources say the suspect told police that he looked up how to make explosives on the internet. They also say he criticized US policies.

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Sep 21 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 東京・港区のアメリカ大使館に火薬を投げ入れるために、手製の火薬を持っていた疑いで、男が警視庁公安部に逮捕された。  ...continue reading

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