Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years

母親より重い判決 「酌量余地全くない」 “ママ友”赤堀被告に懲役15年

FUKUOKA, Sep 22 (Kyodo) - A 49-year-old woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday after a Japanese court found that she had manipulated her friend to starve her 5-year-old son to death.

Emiko Akahori psychologically controlled the friend, Rie Ikari, 40, with lies, according to the ruling by the Fukuoka District Court. Akahori directed Ikari to severely reduce her son's meals, resulting in his death in April 2020.

The two women became acquainted in 2016 and began conspiring from around August 2019 to cut down the amount of food Ikari's son Shojiro received, resulting in the boy becoming severely malnourished by March 2020, the court said. Akahori was also found guilty of defrauding or stealing a total of around 2 million yen ($14,000) from Ikari. ...continue reading

Sep 22 (ANNnewsCH) - 福岡県で、いわゆる“ママ友”の碇利恵被告(40)を支配し、その息子・翔士郎ちゃん(当時5)に十分な食事を与えず、餓死させたとして、保護責任者遺棄致死の罪に問われていた赤堀恵美子被告(49)に対し、福岡地裁は、懲役15年の判決を言い渡しました。  ...continue reading

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