14-year-old boy arrested for robbing convenience store after threatening manager with metal bat

「遊ぶ金が欲しかった」金属バットで店長脅したばこ6箱奪ったか 14歳男子中学生がコンビニ強盗 東京・昭島市

TOKYO, Sep 22 (Japan Today) - Police in Akishima, Tokyo, have arrested a 14-year-old boy on suspicion of robbing a convenience store.

According to police, the boy entered the store at around 3:40 a.m. on Sept 5, Kyodo News reported. He threatened the 69-year-old manager with a metal baseball bat and demanded money. The manager said there was no money in the cash register, so the boy stole six packs of cigarettes worth 3,360 yen and left.

The manager was not hurt. No one else was in the store at the time. The boy discarded some of his clothing after he left the store. ...continue reading

Sep 22 (TBS NEWS) - 中学3年の男子生徒が東京・昭島市のコンビニに押し入り、金属バットで店長を脅したばこを奪ったとして逮捕されました。  ...continue reading

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