Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism


TOKYO, Sep 23 (Japan Today) - The Unification Church in Japan pledged Thursday to prevent followers from making "excessive" donations, after criticism of its practices following the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe's alleged assassin is believed to have resented the sect over massive donations his mother made to the church, leaving his family bankrupt.

He reportedly targeted Abe believing he was linked to the church, whose followers are sometimes known colloquially as Moonies.

The group has denied any wrongdoing and disavowed Abe's murder, but church executive Hideyuki Teshigawara said it would now "take into consideration the financial situation of followers and ensure that donations are not excessive".

The church will "respect the independence and free will of followers" on donations, Teshigawara, who heads the group's new reform committee, told reporters.

The group says it took measures to regulate donations in 2009, but will now bolster them. ...continue reading

Sep 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 旧統一教会「霊感商法1件もない」  2009年以降、「霊感商法は1件もない」と主張しました。  ...continue reading

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