New footage of Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan made public

TOKYO, Sep 26 (NHK) - New footage of the Beatles has been made public in Japan. The footage captured scenes of intense police security when the Fab Four visited Japan to perform in more than 55 years ago. Some contained never-before-seen footage.

The video was released in July to a nonprofit organization, which made an information disclosure request to the Metropolitan Police Department in 2015.

The faces of people other than the Beatles are blurred to protect their privacy.

The black-and-white, silent footage is about 35 minutes long. It shows large-scale security measures implemented during the visit from June 29 to July 3, 1966.

The footage shows checkpoints set up around Nippon Budokan, the concert venue, and a hotel where the members stayed. It also shows police boats patrolling the moats around the arena.

The video also includes scenes from the final performance on the night of July 2, which have never been made public until now. It shows the members waving as they left the stage. ...continue reading

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