Japan demands apology from Russia after diplomat allegedly blindfolded and interrogated

TOKYO, Sep 27 (CNN) - Japan is demanding a formal apology from Russia after Federal Security Service (FSB) agents allegedly blindfolded and interrogated a Japanese diplomat, before giving him 48 hours to leave the country.

Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said Vladivostok-based Japanese consul Motoki Tatsunori was detained and questioned by Russian agents on Monday for alleged espionage.

“The consular officer was taken away in a state of immobility, blindfolded from start to finish, with his hands and head held down, and subjected to intimidating interrogation,” Hayashi said during a press conference Tuesday.

Tatsunori was detained and declared “persona non grata” by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, according to Russian news agencies.

Hayashi condemned Tatsunori’s detention in the far eastern Russian city, saying it was “extremely regrettable and unacceptable” and there was “absolutely no evidence of illegal activities as claimed by the Russian side.” ...continue reading

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