Japan’s beer drinkers squirrel away suds in anticipation of price hikes

TOKYO, Sep 29 (AsiaNews) - Beer sales typically decrease after the long, hot summer has ended, but they are continuing to rise in September as impending price hikes have consumers bucking that trend as they squirrel away their favorite brews.

The prices of many foods and drinks are set to increase on Oct. 1, and the upcoming price hikes have many people stockpiling beer as suds have a long shelf life.

Supermarkets and discount stores are enticing customers by means such as setting up special sales corners for those wanting to stock up on beer before it gets more expensive.

Mega Don Quijote Fukaebashi-ten, a discount store in Higashinari Ward, Osaka, opened a section exclusively for beer and beer-like beverages near the cash registers on the first floor in early September. ...continue reading

Sep 29 (HBCニュース 北海道放送) - 新型コロナの感染拡大で定着した「家飲み」を直撃です。来月からの缶ビールなどの大幅値上げを前に、札幌市内の小売店は、駆け込み購入する客で混雑しています。