McDonald's switches to paper straws, wooden utensils across Japan

TOKYO, Oct 04 (Nikkei) - McDonald's Japan will adopt paper straws and wooden utensils at all locations starting on Friday, a move that the fast-food chain expects will eliminate 900 tonnes of plastic waste a year, Nikkei has learned.

The chain will stop offering plastic straws and forks as supplies run out at its roughly 2,900 locations nationwide.

The change by McDonald's, which comes after Japan enacted a law in April designed to reduce single-use plastics, broadens the restaurant industry's efforts to balance fast, low-cost service and sustainability.

McDonald's shift away from plastic in Japan began during February at 30 test locations in Kanagawa prefecture, near Tokyo. All of the chain's roughly 310 restaurants in Kanagawa and Kyoto prefectures have since stopped using plastic straws and utensils. Some exceptions, such as straws designed for children, are being made for safety and convenience. ...continue reading

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