Japan approves Pfizer's BA.5-tailored COVID-19 vaccine

オミクロン株「BA.5」対応ワクチンの使用了承 厚労省専門部会

TOKYO, Oct 06 (Kyodo) - Japan's health ministry on Wednesday granted special fast-track approval to U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc.'s updated coronavirus vaccine tailored to protect against the now-prevalent BA.5 subvariant.

The ministry also approved the administration of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine targeting the original strain to children aged between 6 months and 4 years old, making it the first COVID-19 vaccine available in Japan for the age group.

Pfizer applied in September for approval of its bivalent vaccine, which works against the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 and earlier strains. The Japan unit of Moderna Inc. said Wednesday it has requested that the ministry green light a similar vaccine. ...continue reading

Oct 06 (ANNnewsCH) - オミクロン株の「BA.5」にも対応した新型コロナワクチンについて厚生労働省の専門部会は使用することを了承し、その後、加藤厚労大臣が特例承認しました。  ...continue reading

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