Japan's main ruling LDP punishes member for calling ex-PM Abe Shinzo 'traitor'

TOKYO, Oct 13 (NHK) - Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party has decided to suspend a member from party offices for one year after calling former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo "a traitor."

Former Administrative Reform Minister Murakami Seiichiro made the remark last month when he said he would not attend Abe's state funeral on September 27.

LDP lawmakers, including members of the party faction formerly led by Abe, asked the party leadership to punish Murakami.

The LDP convened the Party Ethics Committee, comprising Diet lawmakers and private sector intellectuals, on Wednesday to discuss how to handle the matter.

The committee members were notified that Murakami had submitted a statement saying his remark did not represent what he truly intended to say and was inappropriate. He added that he would like to retract the remark and apologize to Abe's relatives and related people. ...continue reading

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