Group of 90 Japanese lawmakers visit war-linked Yasukuni shrine

超党派の国会議員90人が靖国神社に参拝 秋の例大祭

TOKYO, Oct 18 (Kyodo) - A cross-party group of around 90 Japanese lawmakers on Tuesday visited the war-linked Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo for its fall festival, a move expected to irritate some Asian neighbors who view it as a symbol of Japan's past militarism.

The group, mainly composed of conservative lawmakers, has routinely visited the Shinto shrine on the occasion of its biannual festivals in the spring and fall as well as the anniversary of the end of World War II on Aug. 15.

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Oct 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 靖国神社の秋の例大祭に合わせて超党派の国会議員90人が18日朝、集団参拝しました。  ...continue reading

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