CEATEC trade show offers glimpse of future lifestyles


TOKYO, Oct 18 (NHK) - One of Asia's largest high-tech trade shows kicked off on Tuesday.

Visitors to the first on-site CEATEC show in three years have been checking out equipment and services that cater to lifestyles of the future.

About 560 businesses and organizations from Japan and elsewhere are participating in the event in Chiba Prefecture.

Sharp is showcasing a health-check system. When you stand in front of it, your blood pressure and pulse rate are displayed in a matter of seconds.

Adachi Yoshihisa of Sharp says, "We aim to integrate the technology with familiar objects such as mirrors and TV sets to collect biometric information on a daily basis." ...continue reading

Oct 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 三菱電機の次世代コンセプトカーは、車内の赤外線カメラとセンサーで、運転手の表情や脈拍などを取得し、居眠りなどを検知します。

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