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Japan lowers COVID-19 alert level for travel overseas

感染症危険情報レベル引き下げ 岸田総理が表明 海外との往来活発化へ

TOKYO, Oct 20 (NHK) - Japan's Foreign Ministry has lowered its coronavirus infection alert for travel overseas. It no longer requires people to avoid non-essential travel to any other country.

The ministry revised its four-level alert system on Wednesday, putting all parts of the world at the lowest level of 1. People are still asked to exercise caution when traveling to Level 1 destinations.

Before the revision, 76 countries and territories were at Level 2. People are urged to avoid non-essential travel to destinations at the level.

The ministry says it lowered the alert level as infection situations around the world are generally improving and the other Group of Seven nations no longer designate such alert levels for countries and territories.

Oct 20 (テレ東BIZ) - 岸田総理大臣は19日の参議院予算委員会で、海外の感染症危険情報のレベルを世界的に引き下げる方針を示しました。海外の感染状況が総じて改善傾向となっていることや、G7=主要7ヵ国の対応などを踏まえたということです。今後、旅行やビジネスなど海外との往来が活発になりそうです。

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