Honda develops AI self-driving technology

ホンダ“未来の移動手段”人工知能を搭載 マイクロモビリティを公開

NHK -- Nov 03
Honda Motor says it is developing an AI self-driving system that uses cameras to help the vehicle better recognize its surroundings. This is the company's latest step toward putting autonomous driving technology into commercial use.

Honda will start testing the system in Japan this month. It says the technology analyzes footage taken by the vehicle's cameras to help it build an understanding of its surroundings, including other cars and pedestrians.

The company says this will lead to lower manufacturing costs, as the system will not require sensors or high-precision maps.

Honda also plans to develop the system's AI so it can understand human words and gestures, making it easier for passengers to give the vehicle instructions. ...continue reading

Nov 03 (ANNnewsCH) - ホンダは「人と分かり合える」独自の人工知能を活用した未来の移動手段を公開しました。  ...continue reading

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