Japan's four biggest rock starts form new band 'The Last Rockstars' to preserve the spirit of music

TOKYO, Nov 12 (AP) - Four of Japan's biggest rock stars formed a new band, The Last Rockstars, in a race against time to preserve the spirit of rock music.

Dressed in black, Yoshiki, Miyavi, Sugizo and Hyde announced their new group onstage in Tokyo, saying the idea developed naturally.

"We've come together to start this challenge for the world out of Japan," Yoshiki of X Japan told reporters Friday.

Sugizo, guitarist for rock band Luna Sea who also plays with X Japan, said he feels the defiant spirit of rock music needs to continue, noting that the members are getting older. Aside from Miyavi, who is 41, the others are all in their 50s.

They are collaborating on writing songs while continuing work with their own bands, they said. Concerts are scheduled for Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles early next year. The musicians have worked together on various projects over the years, but this is the first time the four have committed to one group. ...continue reading