People's Love for American Roulette Is Undeniable -- Here's Why -- Nov 14
American roulette is clearly one of the most popular versions of the game out there.

Some people still like to disagree, though – they argue that the double zero is just too much of a house edge and that it doesn’t make much sense to be playing American roulette online in the first place.

Well, we tend to disagree. There are many good reasons why you would want to try this new version of the game – or a newer version of the game, in any case. Sure, there are two zeros, and yes – the house edge is more disadvantageous, but there are ways to actually reduce this and you will definitely hear about this and more in the following lines. Let’s see why people do enjoy playing American roulette so much!

#1 It’s Something New and Fun

Let’s face it, people do love to play new and fun things. Essentially, players are keen to explore games that are designed to improve the overall experience or introduce players to something slightly different. Players do enjoy the concept of a double zero, and while not everyone is immediately aware that this second zero gives the house a slight advantage (more so than the single zero), nearly all players are drawn to the concept.

The concept of American Roulette is not just to increase the house edge. It is to create slightly different rules of the game that are noted by Roulette77 UK. Essentially, the game wants to show you why it can be fun to play a game that statistically invites you to accept more risk but only offers you a slight change of the rules in some very specific cases. Let’s check out one of these specific cases now.

#2 Surrender Is Never a Bad Idea

The surrender rule is actually quite fun. It essentially tells you that you can withdraw half your money if the zero ends up being hit. Even though you are only recovering 50% of the bet, it’s actually a very fun bet. On the one hand, you are betting on the game, but then you have this amazing fail-safe that will reduce the house edge even further and make it easier for you to play and enjoy.

The surrender rule is not necessarily available in every version of American roulette, however, so it’s very important that you actually pick a version with this rule – if you are particularly seeking it out in the game you want to play.

#3 It Offers New Types of Bets

Did you know? There is a new type of bet that you can enjoy when you play American roulette. This type of bet reunites five numbers, 1, 2, 3, and the two zeroes – 0 and 00. It’s a new way to enjoy the game, and it’s a great bet overall. It accounts for the zeros and can be a very useful ally if you are looking to help.

#4 Different Fans Who Love to Play

American roulette players tend to be a little less conservative. They are happy to carry a little more risk per game, and that makes for more dynamic games. Of course, most people who play online play on their own and interact with others in a very limited capacity, but it’s still great fun when you find a multiplayer version and can share and display your results with other fellow American roulette players through and through.

#5 Live American Roulette

Not least, you can always play live American roulette even when you are online. To get there, you simply need to pick a casino that provides you with one of the popular versions of roulette that features live versions of the American game. This version of the game can definitely be tons of fun as you will notice that you can play in the company of a live dealer who is trained and always happy to show you what’s what in a game of American roulette!

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