Teachers' room discussion recorded accidentally on tablet upsets students

職員室の会話漏えい 生徒1人が登校出来ず

YAMAGUCHI, Nov 18 (NHK) - A board of education in Yamaguchi Prefecture has apologized that a junior high school student has become unable to attend school since hearing what teachers in a staff room discussed about students.

The conversation was recorded accidentally on a learning tablet.

The board of education in Iwakuni City on Thursday apologized over the incident.

The board explained that a teacher at a public junior high school in the city noticed after class on October 31 that several students had forgotten to take their learning tablets home. The teacher decided to keep the tablets overnight on a desk in the teachers' room.

What the teacher did not realize was that one of the tablets had its audio recording function left on. The tablet recorded the conversations among teachers, without any of them being aware.

The next day, the teacher returned this tablet and all the other ones to the students.

The student whose tablet had accidentally made the recording realized that the teachers talked about student guidance and other personal information or their feelings about specific students.

The student sent the audio recording to a number of classmates. ...continue reading

Nov 18 (yab山口ニュース) - 岩国市の市立中学校で職員室での教師の会話が、タブレット端末に録音され生徒の間に広まっていたことが分かりました。  ...continue reading

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