Gangster indicted for killing president of Ohsho Chinese food chain

「餃子の王将」社長射殺事件 組幹部の男を起訴

KYOTO, Nov 19 (NHK) - Prosecutors in Kyoto, western Japan, have indicted a gangster for the killing of the president of a popular restaurant chain nine years ago.

Ohigashi Takayuki was gunned down in front of the headquarters of Ohsho Food Service in Kyoto City in December 2013. The company operates hundreds of Chinese restaurants across Japan and overseas.

Prosecutors on Friday indicted Tanaka Yukio, a senior member of a "yakuza" gangster group based in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Investigators arrested Tanaka last month. They suspect he colluded with other individuals and planned Ohigashi's killing.

Investigative sources say DNA collected from cigarette butts found near the murder scene matched that of the suspect. Analysis by experts indicate that the cigarettes were apparently smoked just before the incident. ...continue reading

Nov 19 (テレ東BIZ) - 「餃子の王将」の王将フードサービス社長・大東隆行さんが射殺された事件で、京都地検は、殺人と銃刀法違反の罪で、特定危険指定暴力団「工藤会」系の組幹部、田中幸雄容疑者を起訴しました。  ...continue reading

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