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Japan Sea coast may see more snow than normal in next 3 months

NHK -- Dec 21
Japanese weather officials say regions along the Sea of Japan may see more snow than normal over the next three months.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a winter-type pressure pattern is expected to strengthen, especially next month. Areas of northern, eastern and western Japan facing the Sea of Japan will likely have average or higher snowfall.

Officials expect cold air to flow in, due partly to disruptions of the course of westerlies caused by a La Nina climate pattern expected to continue through next month.

The pattern occurs when sea surface temperatures in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean near Peru become lower than usual.

Temperatures across Japan in January are likely to be average or lower.

In February, temperatures are expected to be about average from northern to western Japan. The Okinawa and Amami regions are likely to see average or lower temperatures with lingering effects from the cold air mass.

Weather officials are asking people to follow the latest weather information. ...continue reading

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