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Conveyor belt sushi's fascinating origin story

OSAKA, Dec 30 (mashed.com) - There's something appealing about the unique atmosphere of a sushi train or conveyor belt sushi restaurant. In Japan, the concept is known as kaiten zushi.

You walk through the door and are greeted by staff who call out "irasshaimase!" — meaning "welcome" in Japanese — and you take a seat at a table that surrounds the chefs in the center. As the individual plates of sushi go by, you may recognize a combination of favorites or not-so-familiar dishes that tempt the palate.

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For those unfamiliar with conveyor belt sushi establishments, chefs freshly prepare a variety of sushi dishes that are put on a conveyor belt, and the customer takes whichever they wish to eat. You can take as many as you like and, most commonly, the pricing is indicated based on the color of the plates. Dishes may range from around $2 to $8, and staff add up your plates when you're ready to pay the bill. It's a great way to try something you've never had before. This style of restaurant has been around for over 70 years in Japan, and while it seems like it may have been invented as a marketing gimmick to attract customers, it had a much more practical reason for coming into existence. ...continue reading

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