New Year's card game held in Kyoto for the first time in three years


KYOTO, Jan 05 (NHK) - Players dressed in ancient costumes have played the traditional Japanese card game karuta at a shrine in Kyoto for the first time in three years.

Eight women clad in colorful kimono took part in the annual New Year's event at Yasaka Shrine on Tuesday. The event was canceled in 2021 and 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The shrine houses a mythological Japanese deity, Susanoo-no-mikoto, who is said to have composed the first tanka, a type of traditional Japanese poem.

The game features a collection of tanka written by 100 poets from the 7th through 13th centuries. Two players compete face-to-face with cards in between. ...continue reading

Jan 05 (時事通信トレンドニュース) - 京都市東山区にある八坂神社の能舞台で3日、新春恒例の「かるた始め式」が3年ぶりに行われた。全日本かるた協会近畿支部の「かるた姫」たち8人が平安装束に身を包み、華麗な手さばきで札を取り合う姿を披露した。

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