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Station near Nagoya Castle gets name change to ease visitor confusion

「市役所」駅が「名古屋城」駅に 名古屋の地下鉄4駅が名称変更 観光客への明瞭さ重視

NAGOYA, Jan 06 (Japan Today) - The Nagoya city government hoped to resolve a source of confusion for visitors to the central Japan city by changing the name of the subway station close to Nagoya Castle on Wednesday to one better reflecting its proximity to the historic site.

The station has gone from being called Shiyakusho (City Hall) to Nagoyajo (Nagoya Castle) in part of a move to rename four municipal subway stations close to tourism hotspots that the local government hopes will lead to smoother sightseeing and greater activity in the areas.

The decision to rename the stations was made in January 2021 by a panel of experts for the city government after it received complaints of difficulty determining how to get to the castle. Some people were mistakenly exiting the train at the neighboring Meijo Koen station, which includes the kanji character for the castle in its name.

At a ceremony to unveil a special sign made from Japanese cypress bearing the newly-minted Nagoya Castle name, Mayor Takashi Kawamura described the building as a "treasure" for the residents of Nagoya and said he hopes the change will "create new excitement." ...continue reading

Jan 06 ( Nagoya TV News) - 観光客にとって分かりやすいようにと、4日から地下鉄の「市役所」駅が「名古屋城」駅に変わります。  ...continue reading

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