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'Diamond dust' spotted in central Japan mountain town

【ダイヤモンドダスト】最低気温マイナス17.5℃ 川霧立ち上り輝く 岐阜・高山市 六厩

GIFU, Jan 13 (NHK) - A glittering winter phenomenon known as "diamond dust" has been observed in freezing temperatures in a town in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan.

The phenomenon occurs when subzero temperatures cause water vapor in the air to freeze and sparkle in the sunlight. It often occurs when temperatures plunge to below minus 10 degrees Celsius overnight, and there are few clouds and only gentle winds.

Twinkling particles of "diamond dust" were seen flying over a snow-covered river shortly after sunrise on Thursday in a mountain district of Takayama City. Frost also formed on the branches of trees by the river.

Temperatures had fallen to minus 16.8 degrees Celsius before dawn in the area.

Several people braved the chill to take pictures of the phenomenon.

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Jan 13 (中京テレビNEWS) - 朝日を浴びてキラキラと光り輝くダイヤモンドダスト。本州で最も厳しく冷え込むことで知られる岐阜県高山市の六厩では、11日朝、六厩川から川霧が立ちのぼり、ダイヤモンドダストが見られました。  ...continue reading

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