McDonald's Japan hikes prices for third time in a year

【マクドナルド】16日から8割の品目で値上げ ハンバーガー税込み150円→170円など

NHK -- Jan 17
McDonald's Japan has hiked its restaurant prices for the third time in a year to cover the surging cost of raw ingredients.

The company raised prices by about 10 percent in yen terms on Monday. The change applies to roughly 80 percent of items on the menu, including the Big Mac, which is up by 40 yen to 450 yen, or three dollars and 50 cents.

The firm previously hiked its prices last September, and before that, last March. ...continue reading

Jan 17 (日テレNEWS) - 今年に入ってからもさまざまな値段が上がる中、マクドナルドのおよそ8割の商品が16日から値上がりします。  ...continue reading

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