5 Great Ways to Relax in Canada as a Japanese Immigrant

newsonjapan.com -- Jan 19
Moving away from your homeland can be very challenging, even if it is for the best. It is leaving a world that used to be your comfort zone with people that relate best to you to a new world with different people, cultures, and traditions.

As a Japanese who plans on immigrating to Canada, you hear stories of how it is a different world over there and prepare yourself for it. However, you can only know how different it is once you get there. Everything from their lifestyles to their food and accents seems funny and strange, so adapting to that might take a while.

However, it is always important to let off steam after a long day. Though that is great for you, it might seem tasking as you are new in another man’s land and have yet to make yourself feel welcome. Here are five things you can do to relax and have fun as an immigrant:

1. Learn English

Learning a new language is always fun. Depending on the method employed, it could even be more fun than other activities you enjoy. Learning the language of your new environment is also important if you want to enjoy normal activities such as playing casino games. Whether you are playing casino real money games or visiting a land-based gambling house, the mode of communication and most of the people you will meet would be Canadians who speak English, and it is important to understand the language to play online and be able to relate well with the people to enjoy your gaming time. 

This also applies to your daily life in your new environment. Michelle H. Thomas, an iGaming and lifestyle expert, also noted that you feel even more proud of yourself as Japanese immigrants in Canada when you can converse well with people, which should motivate you to study and learn English. Even if you are not a person who particularly enjoys learning, this could be that one situation where learning is fun.

2. Indulge in your favorite pastimes

It is impossible not to find at least one activity you love, even if you are on an entirely different continent. Thanks to the virtual world and the internet, you can now enjoy many of these hobbies from the comfort of your house.

As a punter, you can find some of the best online casinos to play real money games with just an internet search. Even if you want to relax outside your apartment, an internet search of places to indulge in your favorite relaxation activities will immediately solve that riddle.

3. Creating your community

There are tons of Japanese immigrants in Canada. Many of them are just like you, still trying to find their space in an unknown land, while many have been able to do that successfully. Creating or finding a community with your people will help you stay connected to your roots. 

Knowing people who are going through the same things you are experiencing and can understand your experiences can help you feel better and relaxed. Having conversations with this community and hearing stories from others can help you relax in ways you never thought were possible.

4. Making new friends

Though it is important to remain connected with your community, it is also important to connect with people in your new environment. Hanging out with people familiar with your new environment can help you understand the place more easily. They can help you understand why things in your country differ from those in Canada and how to overcome those differences.

For instance, online live casino Canada platforms might be similar to the Japanese variations, but there will still be some differences. Making friends with people who have hacked Canadian gaming can help you enjoy top relax gaming online casino games even better. Making friends and meeting people wherever you find yourself in life is highly advisable as a lonely life equals a boring one, and you do not want that.

5. Go sightseeing

North America is a great destination for sightseeing. As an immigrant, it is certain that you have not seen half of the best destinations in the country. Going out on your free days to visit these beautiful places with a tour guide or friends familiar with the area can be a great way to familiarize yourself with your new environment and have fun.

Going on tours with knowledgeable people can also help you better understand Canadian culture and history and learn information that will certainly come in handy during your stay in the country.


As an Asian in North America, you can still get the best life if you let yourself. There are tons of relaxing activities that you can engage in and enjoy. All it takes is keeping yourself connected to your roots and still being open-minded to enjoy the North American way of life. That way, you will be able to relax more easily and familiarize yourself with Canada in less time than expected.

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