Shield-shaped mirror and long sword unearthed in Japan's ancient capital

富雄丸山古墳に国内最大の鏡と剣 金工の最高傑作

NARA, Jan 26 (NHK) - Archaeological workers in western Japan have unearthed a shield-shaped mirror and a long sword at an ancient burial mound.

The Tomio-Maruyama Tumulus in Nara City dates from the latter half of the fourth century. It is the largest circular burial mound in Japan.

The city's board of education began excavating the mound's burial site in October.

The bronze mirror and iron sword were found in clay that covered the coffin.

The mirror is more than 60 centimeters long and about 30 centimeters wide, and its top is rounded to resemble a shield. It is the first discovery of a shield-shaped mirror. ...continue reading

Jan 26 (Kyodo) - 奈良市にある日本最大の円墳・富雄丸山古墳(古墳時代前期、4世紀後半、直径約109メートル)の造り出し部にある粘土槨(埋葬施設)から、国内で出土した鏡では最大の青銅鏡(大きさ約1700平方センチ)と国内最大の蛇行剣(長さ2・3メートル、幅6センチ)が出土し、奈良市教育委員会と県立橿原考古学研究所が25日発表した。

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