Another wave of food price hikes awaits Japanese consumers in February

【値上げ】2月もまた5400品目超 「そろそろ限界」激安店が悲鳴

Japan Times -- Feb 01
Japanese consumers will face another wave of food price hikes in February, the largest since October last year, a survey showed on Tuesday.

The number of food items whose prices will be raised in February totaled 5,463, the highest after 7,864 items in October, according to the Teikoku Databank survey.

The number of food items to be sold at higher prices in 2023 has topped 12,000. In fiscal 2022, which ends in March, prices are expected to be raised for over 30,000 items. ...continue reading

Feb 01 (ANNnewsCH) - 物価の高騰が続くなか、来月1日からまた値上げラッシュがやってきます。2月だけで、値上げは5400品目以上に上ります。  ...continue reading

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