Kyoto City to do away with one-day bus passes next year

KYOTO, Feb 03 (NHK) - The transportation authority of the western Japanese city of Kyoto says it will do away with one-day bus passes at the end of March, 2024. The aim of the move is to ease passenger congestion by reducing the number of tourists on buses.

The passes permit unlimited travel for one day on buses run by the municipality and other operators in the city. They cost 700 yen, or a little over 5 dollars, per ticket.

The passes are popular with tourists. Buses that travel along routes with sightseeing spots, such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, were often crowded before the coronavirus pandemic. Residents frequently called on authorities to improve the situation.

The city plans to stop selling the passes at the end of September. But, passes purchased before then will be accepted until March of next year.

The city will continue to sell the 1,100-yen one-day combined passes that can be used on subways and buses. City officials say they will encourage the use of subway lines, which tend to be less crowded.

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