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Staying at Legoland Japan Resort & Hotel Tour, Experience & Tips

NAGOYA, Feb 05 (Paolo fromTOKYO) - Legoland Japan Resort is located in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, about a 25 minute train ride from Nagoya station, and the Legoland hotel sits conveniently right in front of the theme park.

They used more than 17 Million lego pieces to build more than 10,000 lego models throughout the entire amusement park. Wolfy, our son, is only 2 and half and just a little over 90 cm tall which surprisingly meets the requirements for many of the rides here so if you have younger ones then it's definitely an option to consider as you can get them involved without having to wait on the sidelines. Another pleasant surprise for the park is that there are quite a bit of playground scattered throughout, for kids to run around and play. No need to wait in line so you can just let your kids enjoy Be careful though, it was hard getting our son to move onto the next area. One tip for starters is to buy tickets online on their website, in advance as you’ll be able to save quite a bit. The price will vary during peak times and the off season, but in our case, we saved 1200 yen per adult, total about $45. ...continue reading

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